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Wessington Cryogenics

Developing innovative cryogenic vessels for a range of solutions

Wessington Cryogenics are an engineering-led, solutions-driven and customer-focused producer of cryogenic vessels.

Founded in 1984, this UK-based company began by providing small tanks for industrial and medical research applications. Almost 40 years later, Wessington now deliver vessels all over the world.

The organisation has a wide range of products which includes bulk-storage tanks, liquid helium dewars, self-pressurising vessels, ISO containers and road tankers. These are joined by a range of services including custom-designs, repairs and refurbishments as well as the provision of spares & accessories.

Wessington’s Special projects are amongst some of the most innovative in the Cryogenics field, including bespoke vessels for use in particle physics, ‘Around the World’ ballooning records, hydrogen and other green energy cryogenic applications.

Whatever the project, product, or client – engineering integrity, passion for cryogenics and genuine innovation are at the heart of what Wessington does

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