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SM Discovery Group

Offering disease modifying therapies to save lives and improve health

SMDG is a biotechnology company dedicated to delivering efficacious, safe and disease modifying therapies to save lives and improve health. SMDG is addressing the lack of safe and effective gene therapies for some of the most debilitating diseases, particularly neurological and rare diseases. SMDG has developed a patent protected biotechnology platform for targeted delivery of nucleic acid medicines across biological barriers, such as the blood-brain barrier.

SMDG’s proprietary technology platform is based on a “simple- and safe-by-design” paradigm utilizing innovative peptide conjugates to produce novel class of nanoparticles, NanoLigandCarriers (NLCs) for effective delivery of nucleic acids and other molecules for treatment of CNS disorders (neurodegenerative and pediatric neurological diseases) and other hard to treat diseases including in oncology and ophthalmology.

SMDG has recently been recognized as a UK Life Science Innovator 2023.

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