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Developing immersive tools to educate on environmental impact and net-zero

MAADIGITAL created the My Carbon Home App as an immersive tool to demonstrate the real impact of choices at home on users’ carbon footprint. Using their wealth of experience in immersive tech, they created an augmented digital twin based on real homes in the local area. Users can add and remove elements from solar panels to hot tubs to find out how much their carbon footprint grows or shrinks.

With over 20 options for users to add and remove, with the model shows the impact of these changes using a three ring graph interface to demonstrate how their energy, carbon and cost consumption shifts based on real decisions. When they’re done, they can even compare their carbon footprint to the number of trees they’d need to plant to absorb it!

The augmented reality My Carbon Home app is a real conversation starter – instantly engaging, deeply memorable and designed to encourage discussions on the impact that changes to the home and lifestyle, big or small, can have on anyone’s environmental impact. It’s net-zero education, but much more fun, and it’s a definite show-stopper at events.

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