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Pioneering silent logistics for materials handling equipment enabling noise sensitive commercial distribution for food and consumer goods

Rollapole was developed as a solution for silently distributing food and consumer goods in a pollution free, lightweight manner in support of electric vehicles

Commercial electric vehicles required a new look at materials handling equipment to optimise them for minimum tare weight, silent operation and high profile branding. The purpose is to allow this equipment to be operated at night in sensitive residential areas continuing the process of restocking and replenishing fresh, chill and ambient products to retail and catering industry and wherever there is a need to split shifts at sensitive times of the day and remain acceptably operational.

Rollapole addresses these requirements, enables instant brand recognition for equipment identification, is a hygienic solution for the medical industry with anti-bacterial technology and innovatively deals with construction issues cutting manufacturing labour, transport and fleet management time. The product is scalable, durable and recyclable. It sympathetically replaces a 70 year old roll cage trolley design.

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