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Chestnut Bio

Developing a plant-based alternative to plastic that harmlessly biodegrades back to nature

With plastic now being a major pollutant, Chestnut Bio has created a plastic alternative made from natural sugars which is compostable, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Home grown by scientist in the North East, their products are patented with more than a dozen novelty aspects, inventive steps, and industrial applications. Their aim was to create a material that breaks down to Co2, water and biomass, and is “Made robustly…not to last”. Chestnut Bio believes the best solutions come from nature and go back harmlessly to nature.

Starting with cable ties and tree guards, Chestnut Bio has created a range of products from their new innovative material, which would normally be created with plastic. Their product can be used in everything from 3D printing at home to coral reef restoration in the Maldives. Chestnut is a formulations business ready to “conker” the world of plastic.

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