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Arcus Studios

Developing innovative technologies for immersive content production

Since winning the 2018 Jena International Fulldome Festival ‘Director’s Award’ for their immersive adaptation of seminal sci fi novel ‘Star Maker’, UK based broadcast and commercial animation company Arcus Studios have developed a software solution to the cumbersome production pipelines encountered in fulldome/planetarium and 360 degree content. 

In collaboration with fulldome industry veterans Ruth Coalson and Philippa Day, the Tyneside based company have created ‘Festoon’ – a tool that is set to change the fulldome industry’s approach to content production. Festoon uses VR to remove the need to access a physical dome for content creation, offering greater creative control, substantially streamlining the production process and saving production costs. 

Notable early adoption of Festoon has seen it being used to produce Moonraker VFX first fulldome film ‘Moonbase’, being integrated in the roll out of Hollywood based Dome Fest West, and being utilised for education at the internationally renowned Bauhaus, Germany.

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