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1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Lightning Talks

This section of the day is designed to bring speakers to the stage with a variety of skills and experience in a series of short, insightful talks.

Each speaker will share their story, and what they’ve learned in their sectors that could help delegates in the room further their own knowledge and skills.

Jenny Hudson
Business Development Director at Transmission Dynamics

How digitalising industry wide condition monitoring can support net zero targets
Jenny Hudson will talk about the journey Transmission Dynamics has been over the past several years to better manage the asset life and sustainability of their products across the globe. She’ll talk about the challenges they’ve faced, and how innovation is helping them to optimise operational performance, reduce manual maintenance regimes and extend asset life.

Mundeep Nayyar
MD at Infotel 

Leading with purpose: our journey to securing jobs for the local market
Like many other business, Covid-19 pushed Infotel to approach business delivery differently. What it taught them, was that global thinking could ensure the businesses sustainability in the North East. Mundeep tells the story of how his own entrepreneurial spirit, global perspective and willingness to take a risk, safeguarded the company’s future, resulting in the business being on track to double its UK headcount by the end of 2023.

Hannah Underwood
Founder, Insightano

The power of data for social innovation
Hannah is a visionary social sector leader with a passion for data, technology, innovation, and co-creation. Over the past year Hannah has been consulting with Funders and Corporate Foundations helping them to think about and use data strategically. In January she co-founded Insightano with Data Architect Callum Robson. A new venture with an ambition to revolutionise the use of data within the social sector to inform decisions, spark innovation and ultimately to drive up impact.  

Her talk on ‘the power of data’ will give delegates an insight into how a comprehensive data framework can underpin with purpose ‘theory of change’ models in the social sector and create real impact.  

Chris Cook
Former Olympian and business coach

Two lengths – The power of simple
Chris’s talk is all about the journey he took to get to the top of the sport of swimming then applying what he’d learned to become an ‘accidental’ entrepreneur. The story details the road from humble beginnings in South Shields through to the top of the world of swimming, collecting medals, and experiences of podiums around the world.

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