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Social Innovation of the Year

Partnered by Believe Housing

Shortlisted organisations

  • Treat NMD
  • Society Matters
  • Dig Ventures

About the category 

This award celebrates innovators that are enriching society and transforming lives through social innovation.

What do we want to know: 

  • What innovation is the business spearheading to create social impact? This could be a technology, a process or a service that is designed to better engage communities or improve outcomes in health, wellbeing, inclusion, social services, sustainability, or in other areas that have the greatest impact on people.
  • To what degree does the innovation have an impact at the individual or community level?
  • Is the innovation tackling a particular global challenge that has significant impact of society. For instance this could be sustainability, healthy ageing, access to healthcare etc.
  • How is the business or social enterprise innovating in a responsible way, managing the impact it has on people, place and the environment? If this is a significant success, could you also apply for our Sustainable Innovation Award? 
  • Is the innovation breaking down barriers to have real social impact and enable inclusion? Is so could you also apply for our Inclusive Innovation Award? 
  • Has it attracted interest from investors to raise finance?
  • What is the impact the business has had to date, and is it on track to meet it’s growth ambitions?


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