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Sustainable Innovation of the Year

Partnered by Northumbrian Water

Shortlisted businesses

  • Kinewell Energy
  • Chestnut Bio
  • Genee

About the category

Green Innovation has never been more important. This award celebrates businesses that are positively impacting the environment and sustainability by changing their processes and working towards net zero goals.

What do we want to know: 

  • What  is the business doing differently to reduce it’s carbon footprint? Are they adopting new technologies in innovation to lead the way for their own sector or industry?
  • To what degree is the innovation impacting on our global net zero aims and objectives?
  • Is the business developing a product or service that is bettering the lives of individuals or communities, helping them to make positive changes to benefit the environment?
  • How is it innovating in a responsible way, managing the impact it has on people, place and the environment?
  • Has it attracted interest from investors to raise finance?
  • What is the impact the business has had to date, and is it on track to meet its sustainability goals.


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