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‘Connected yet lonely’ Read our guest blog with Jeni Smith of Netkno

For Mental Health Awareness Week this year the Mental Health Foundation are raising awareness about the impact of loneliness on our mental health and the practical steps we can take to address it. We reached out to Jeni Smith from successful networking business Netkno to explore the importance of  building and maintaining a strong network […]

Don’t Panic. Plan: How to navigate challenging economic and political times

Chief Executive at TEDCO Business Support, Carole White Anyone who has ever attempted to run a business knows that life as an entrepreneur is rarely smooth sailing. Setbacks and scares are all part of the process, especially during times when the economic and political landscape are, shall we say, turbulent. Dealing with periods of uncertainty […]

Understanding Confidentiality and Licensing for Your Business

Every business, big or small, will own or use some form of intellectual property (IP) but in many cases don’t realise that it’s one of the most valuable assets you can own. Find out why understanding confidentiality and licensing may be key to business success. The four main types of IP rights are: Patents – […]