SUB 10 Case Study

Location: Proto, Gateshead
Sector: Digital

SUB 10 is a digital e-learning platform. It is underpinned with learning methodologies and proven neuroscience to support how people learn. Learning units are never more than 10 minutes in length providing intense learning modules, which enable people to build knowledge.

Female participation

How has intervention by the SuperNetwork supported “increased female participation in R&D”?

SUB 10 was co-founded by Angela Ross. As such, one example of increased female participation in R&D is in their work with Northumbria Police to co-design innovative learning modules to tackle diversity and inclusion, increasing the level of innovation in e-learning for the public sector. Additionally, 1:1 support provided to Angela has developed her confidence in articulating the SUB 10 offer in a pitch or R&D environment for investors and clients.

Innovation Intervention by the Innovation SuperNetwork

SUB 10 received more than 20 hours of intensive support between June 2019 and September 2020.

What was the issue or problem SUB 10 needed support with?

SUB 10 was developing a new way of delivering online learning when the Innovation SuperNetwork team first met them. At this point, they had an innovative idea but lacked connections to support the launch of their product. They needed help in developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and were looking for industry intelligence to accelerate the adoption of their innovation.

What did the SuperNetwork do to support SUB 10?

Working with Graeme Miller, SUB 10 received an Innovation SuperNetwork grant of £2500, which directly enabled them to engage an experienced data systems architect to form part of the development of an MVP of the SAAS
Digital Learning Platform. Graeme also supported the development of their innovation pathway to achieve this milestone and worked with them to identify and apply for additional grant funding.

They also received 13 hours of intensive support from Estelle Blanks and Access to Finance Innovation Manager, Jordan Dargue in honing their innovation plan, developing their proposition, and articulating their business case. This was delivered as part of the Innovation SuperNetwork’s investor readiness programme, but also supported SUB 10 in defining their innovative USP when pitching to potential clients, and in securing grant funding and new contracts.

They also had the opportunity to showcase their SAAS platform to the regional innovation ecosystem as part of the XR Showcase (June 2019, delivered through the VRTGO Cluster).

Productive impact

• Developed the MVP of the SUB10 SAAS Digital Learning Platform, enabling them to take the product to market.
• The business has secured two major contracts. One with leading software group, Sage. A second with Northumbria Police.
• They have grown their team to recruit two new staff members, Digital Production Director and an Intern.

On a practical level we have received some amazing advice and insight into both funding opportunities and preparing for investment. Graeme was extremely helpful and supportive at the start of the COVID lockdown, his patience and knowledge allowed us to access two critical grants that allowed us to develop our new MVP of the SUB 10 platform and secure two new commercial contracts. Our relationship is very much a long-term partnership, and we see a huge amount of value in the support the SuperNetwork team has provided to date and could also provide to us in future.