Rural Innovation

As part of our Rural Innovation programme, we’re looking at finding solutions to the challenges facing rural communities. The particular areas we’re focusing on are:

  • Rural mobility, movement and transport
  • Rural housing
  • Challenges to ageing in rural areas
  • Energy

We’re working with businesses, innovators, researchers, experts and those living in rural North East to identify specific problems in these areas and design new solutions.

We’re then presenting these solutions to the public and reaching out to communities and businesses who will be able to support the development of these solutions.

We’ll be working with selected teams to help launch new products and services targeted at these challenges. We’re providing intensive support, grant funding and access to expertise to help bring these solutions to life.

Rural Housing Design Mission

We are interested in learning about housing issues and problems faced by people living in rural Northumberland communities and would like you to help us explore these further, helping to find new solutions which address these challenges, now and into the future.

Rural is defined as ‘within a population of less than 10,000 people’ so can include small towns.

If you’re interested in sharing your opinion on the challenges facing rural housing, please fill in our survey.

We plan to do more research into these issues, and re-define them as challenges allowing us to investigate with others what successful solutions might look like. You will be able to find out more about this when we present these at an online event on 16th July 2020 .