Rural Innovation

Rural Housing Design Mission: A Rural Ageing Population: How might we create Northumberland communities with the right housing in the right places?

Over the past few months we have engaged with key stakeholders and surveyed local residents living in rural Northumberland, facing first hand rural housing problems and challenges.

Unsurprisingly, we have identified many challenges around a rapidly ageing population, connectivity, and the need for low carbon solutions.

The overall objective is to support rural Northumberland in achieving more balanced sustainable rural communities – meaning residents, visitors and tourists having easily accessible and integrated access to appropriate homes, services and facilities as well as an economically diverse population incorporating business and leisure.

With the following guiding principles:
Appropriate – To lifestyle, life stage, right size and last move
Integrated – Into services and communities
Sustainable – Carbon neutral and economically viable
Sociable – Balanced supportive connected community

We’re hosting a webinar on 6th October 2020 to further explore what the challenges are of an ageing rural population and how rural housing can be improved for both the young and old of the rural ageing population.