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We use our far-reaching connections with government, public sector organisations and many others to find out what funding is on offer for small to medium-sized companies located in the North East of England.

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How it works

We research R&D funding opportunities from a wide range of sources.

We bring these together in one place on our website  so you can see at a glance what suits your company.

We also provide a weekly bulletin to alert you to the latest funding opportunities when they become live.

Spot an opportunity of interest and we’ll work with you at no cost to help increase your chances of securing the cash.

Our Innovation Managers will simplify the process by helping to strengthen your application and provide an objective view of your approach.

How Innovation Challenge worked for me

Thanks for letting us know about the funding competition, we had not seen this. I’d like to extend our thanks for your help and support in getting this through.

Adam Hill – Consult and Design

Manus Neurodynamica

Challenge: Manus Neurodynamica has developed a novel pen and software that improves the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. The company is considering ways to fund their journey of bringing the medical device to market.

Background: The Innovation SuperNetwork was contacted to support an application to the Innovate UK SBRI GPs of the future funding call. The call was looking for devices that would save valuable GP time in an over-stretched NHS service and improve diagnosis and treatment of progressive illnesses like Parkinson’s. With the potential to reduce referral rates to consultants, decrease patient anxiety and enable better treatment, we were confident Manus Neurodynamica’s device and technology solution met the funding criteria.

Results: The submission was successful and the company was invited to pitch followed by an interview.  The team secured a portion of the £2.1 million funding call. This investment will significantly accelerate the adoption of this technology by the NHS and, ultimately, change patients’ lives.

“In my view, the kind of professional support that you provide at no cost to companies is just gold dust.Rutger Zietsma, Manus Neurodynamica

Need funding for R&D?

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