We solve commercial challenges with North East talent

All organisations come across problems they can’t fix from time to time. We help to overcome these challenges by identifying innovative technologies, talent and services of businesses in the North East of England.

By using Innovation Challenge big businesses solve problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Smaller companies get the chance to work in a new market or win a new contract. It’s win-win for the region, helping businesses here to innovate, grow and thrive.

European Space Agency: Artificial Intelligence Kick-Start

ESA offers funding and support to companies that intend to develop sustainable products and services combining AI with space technology.

Deadline: 29 November 2019

European Space Agency: Artificial Intelligence Kick-Start

Opportunity Whether for active participation as a leisure sportsperson, or passively following as a spectator of sporting events, for many people sport is their favourite leisure activity. At the same time, the public’s interest in sport and their consumer behaviour receives massive stimulation from professional top-level sport. The latter in turn can only develop from […]

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