NHS COVID-19 SME Response
Innovation SuperNetwork_AHSN_COVID_19_SME_Repsonse

The AHSN NENC has been asked to support the regional NHS North East & Yorkshire Integrated Coordination Centre which feeds into the NHS National COVID-19 Incident Coordination Centre who are leading the emergency response to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Under each regional centre, there is now a number of divisions and advisory groups, such as Procurement, Digital and Hospital and Primary Care who are looking to address NHS specifications and challenges in order to support the response to COVID-19. Where supplies can’t be found from the traditional supply chain, the AHSN NENC are looking to identify alternative regional suppliers.

To help this we are looking to capture all market-ready innovations that could assist the NHS to manage the fight against COVID-19. By working with the Innovation SuperNetwork, the AHSN NENC have developed a smart survey to capture those solutions that are ready for use and/or could be scaled up. This information will be used in the AHSN NENC’s horizon scanning process, and will be fast-tracked and fed back to the regional and national coordination centres where appropriate and after relevant due diligence. Please note, your submission does not guarantee acceptance of deployment or adoption into the NHS.

If you have an innovation, or solution, that can help the NHS manage COVID- 19, whether that be remote monitoring, diagnostics, self-isolation or something else, please complete the SME COVID-19 response form https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/SME-Response-COVID19/.

If your offer meets the needs of the NHS specifications or fulfils an identified need, we will call upon you if the appropriate time comes.