Newcastle Angel Hub

The Newcastle Angel Hub aims to promote and grow the Angel investment community in the North East.  

By providing access to information, education, events and peer to peer learning opportunities we look to encourage the creation of new Angel networks and syndicates.

The Hub presents a unique opportunity to regional business Angels, or those looking to invest in North East businesses from outside the region, by connecting them to investor ready SMEs. Forming part of the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) wider Hub network across the country, the Newcastle Angel Hub is delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork, in partnership with Invest Newcastle.

Regional Angel Investment Accelerator

Led by the North East BIC, delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork and North Invest in partnership with the UK Business Angels Association, this programme matches investment from Angels in regional companies with Innovate UK funding to help regional SMEs accelerate at a faster pace.
Join the Newcastle Angel Hub

The Angel Investor community in the North East continues to grow and we're proud to lead the collaborative approach to building investment opportunities for regional innovative SMEs by bringing investment ready companies face-to-face with investors. If you'd like to join the Newcastle Angel Hub as an Investor Member, complete our on boarding application.

A big part of our work with Angel Investors centres on ensuring you have the advice you need to maximise your investment to the benefit of you and the innovative companies you choose to work with. We're collaborating with our partners to deliver a range of events and webinars designed to help build peer connections and Angel insight.

Want to know more?

To learn more or discuss joining The Newcastle Angel Hub contact Jordan Dargue.

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