Mistura Informatics Case Study
Mistura Informatics, Innovation SuperNetwork, North East Innovation Awards

Location: Ashington, Northumberland
Sector: Healthcare

Mistura Informatics provides medicines information for patients and clinicians. Mistura’s applications increase awareness of the benefits and risks of taking medicines and the consequences of non-adherence. They also promote empowerment. Mistura represented Best Practice in Healthcare for the 2019 Parliamentary Review.

Female participation

How has intervention by the SuperNetwork supported “increased female participation in R&D”?

Mistura Informatics is led by Managing Director, Dawn Price. By taking part in the Ageing Innovation Accelerator in 2019, Mistura Informatics identified a new research partnership to grow their offer into new markets and launch a second company – Mavin Informatics. As such, they’ve developed an innovative digital identity bracelet system, with a formal development programme in place through a KTP with Northumbria University.

Innovation Intervention by the Innovation SuperNetwork

Mistura Informatics benefited from 30 hours of intensive support from April 2019 and throughout 2020 following the Ageing Innovation Accelerator programme.

What was the issue or problem Mistura Informatics needed support with?

In April 2019, Mistura was looking for support to launch a digital health information system called MaPPs. The system provides medicine information and supporting tools to help individuals manage their own medication. They specifically needed support accelerating their innovative product development and routes to market. Additionally, they were looking to build collaboration and research partnership opportunities to develop their meditech offering.

What did the Innovation SuperNetwork do to support?

Through the Ageing Innovation Accelerator, Mistura received intensive support from Simon Green and Steph Oxley, including expertise in lean and open innovation, intellectual property protection, and cyber security. They also benefited from being co-located on the Newcastle Helix site alongside peers in the healthy ageing innovation field.

Additionally, they received investor readiness support, helping them hone their innovation plan, developing their proposition and articulating their business case. Mistura were also supported to identify a research partner for the development of a physical product alongside their software platform. This led to a KTP with Northumbria University, which is now being managed through the spin out company, Mavin.

In 2019, Mistura Informatics took part in the Innovation Showcase at VentureFest North East where they profiled their applications to delegates, consisting of other innovators, potential investors, and the wider regional innovation ecosystem. They went on to win Innovation of the Year at the North East Innovation Awards, marking the official launch of their new product.

Productive impact

• Mistura developed their product offer, creating a novel Medicines Adherence Monitoring System (MAMS). As a result of this innovation, Mistura was named a Business Cloud top 101 Healthtech Innovator 2019.
• The new developments supported by the Innovation SuperNetwork have led to improved retention of current customers, a 10% increase in total contracts and similar increase in turnover.
• They have taken on two new staff, one in sales/training and a pharmacist, to support content development.
• The plans for spin out company, Mavin Informatics, are to employ five people within 12 months and a further 10 people once manufacturing commences in 2022.

The Innovation SuperNetwork has undoubtedly helped increase our profile and credibility within the region. Through their continued support we have now launched a second company called Mavin Informatics. We are up and running and our product, a mi-SOS digital identity bracelet system is now
available, so it is a very exciting time for us.