Building an Investment Ecosystem: What did we learn at the Accelerating Investment and Innovation Summit?

Estelle Blanks, CEO, Innovation SuperNetwork Over the last several years, we’ve worked hard at the Innovation SuperNetwork to develop an Access to Finance Programme which supports regional businesses to secure the innovation funding they need to realise their business ambitions.    We’ve seen much success in helping businesses, including ParkingPerx, Rarecan, Dyman, Power Roll and many more develop connections, raise finance and […]

Why northern Health and Life Sciences?

It was a real pleasure to be invited to be part of this year’s Investment Summit, and to highlight some of the reasons why investors should take a closer look at the investment opportunities health and life sciences present. The sector offers a wealth of opportunities, with innovative ideas and research breakthroughs regularly spawning spin […]

Showcasing our regional innovation and demonstration capabilities

The energy sector in North East England is one of the region’s biggest growth industries and has a pivotal role to play in delivering the government’s Green Industrial Revolution, which aims to create and support up to 250,000 highly-skilled green jobs in the UK, many of which will be here in the North East. Against […]

The North East creative industries: unleashing the power and potential of creativity.

By Carol Bell OBE Strategic Engagement Lead – Creative England First, an introduction. Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation are part of the Creative UK Group. Our purpose is to harness the power of the creative industries to build a fairer and more prosperous world. We champion, convene, support and invest in creative businesses […]

What is innovation?

‘Innovation’ has become one of those buzzwords we love to hate. In fact, I think it’s fair to say it’s become somewhat overused and as such, people don’t really know what the term means anymore, or they misidentify its meaning. The problem is that we mostly hear about big, disruptive innovation. We hear about the […]

How a diverse workplace supports successful innovation

By Fareeha Usman, Equality Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Dynamo North East “Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) give space for accessing better talent and stimulates overall business growth”. When we look at this message, it’s easy to think that we’re perhaps oversimplifying the complexities which come with the development of EDI policies for business, but […]

Capacity, Connectivity and Capability: the 3 Big ‘C’s That Can Help Regional Investment Landscapes Evolve

Jordan Dargue, Head of Access to Finance at Innovation SuperNetwork, says changing economic conditions mean accessing finance for small businesses can be extremely challenging. The economic impact of Covid-19 has certainly had a significant effect on innovation-led and early-stage businesses seeking sustainable funding for the future, as detailed in the UK Business Angel Market 2020 report, […]

Social innovation opportunities in the North East

By Laura Elliot, Membership and Communications Support Officer at VONNE VONNE delivers the Social Innovation Cluster for Innovation SuperNetwork, which involves supporting innovation in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in the North East. As a Regional Infrastructure Organisation with over 1,600 members, we’ve got a long history of supporting our sector. Our […]

When attracting equity investment to the North we shouldn’t just level up, we should leapfrog!

By Estelle Blanks, CEO at Innovation SuperNetwork As we are curating the content for our upcoming Accelerating Investment and Innovation Summit on 23rd September 2021, we gathered a group of investors from within and outside the North East to discuss specifically how we might better connect, through technology and networks, investors and innovators across our […]