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Seabait, located on Northumberland’s coastline, currently provide the global king prawn industry with premium marine polychaete-based feed products rich in omega-3 and 6 fats. Existing prawn producers risk the survival and health of their livestock by using wild polychaetes which harbour disease and are of poor nutritional quality. Seabait products are disease-free and their dietary inclusion increases the number of hatching ‘baby’ prawns by over 80% compared to standard diets.  Their use also mitigates against the introduction of disease into the supply chain, contributing to the reduction in the 148 billion marketable king prawns that are lost each year.

Seabait’s marine polychaetes possess numerous nutritional and biologically-active compounds that are ideally suited for aquaculture feeds, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. There is an exciting opportunity to supply the current demand for pharmaceutical-grade polychaetes to produce human blood substitutes using marine polychaete haemoglobin.


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