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ExplantLab is an orthogenomic biotech with a mission to eliminate the failure of joint replacement prostheses. Founded in 2011, ExplantLab is now Europe’s largest independent orthopaedic implant retrieval unit. Over the last decade, the company has established a strong scientific track record, having published over 45 peer reviewed papers and receiving multiple FDA contracts.

ExplantLab combines expert knowledge in surgery, bioengineering, genetics and AI to develop precision clinical tests. The company’s first commercial offering, OrthotypeTM, uses next generation DNA sequencing to match patients to implant materials, according to their immunogenotype. This is the first test of its kind in the world.

As patient populations grow older and heavier, healthcare systems throughout the world will be placed under increasing pressure to provide ever more joint replacements with increased durability. We would be interested in partnering with groups or individuals who might help us meet this challenge.


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