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Cobots Online designs, manufactures and integrates cobot automation solutions to address labour shortages and health & safety issues whilst increasing efficiency across all types of businesses.

Based in Newton Aycliffe we work with everyone from engineering workshops to furniture manufacturers, laboratories and everything in between!

We design & manufacture bespoke and off-the-shelf collaborative robot (cobot) solutions to automate your repetitive or difficult processes rapidly, accurately, cheaply and safely.

Our customers include organisations such as the MOD (Ministry of Defence) and Automotive manufacturers to small and medium sized businesses across the region.

Cobots are the next generation of robotics that are suitable for all sizes of business and can easily pay for themselves within a surprisingly short period of time.

Cobots Online provide a full turnkey solution to integrate cobots into your business, we work with you to optimize your processes and train you and your team to program the cobots and maximize your returns!


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