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At ART Health Solutions we are on a mission to create A world with healthier, happier & higher performing people. We do this by providing robust, scientific insights into the impact of the workplace on employees from a health, wellbeing and performance perspective that drive behaviour change and improved lifestyle habits.

Utilising wearable technologies (Smart Watches), a proprietary mobile app and office based environmental sensors, we capture data from employees, creating a one-of-a-kind holistic data set that combines both objective and subjective input. Our team of scientific experts and built-in AI technology then derive meaningful insights and make bespoke, individualised behaviour change recommendations to the employees, whilst providing employers with aggregated, anonymised, rich and powerful data.

Ultimately, organisations use our services to improve workplace experiences and environments for their workforce, whilst providing employee’s with the tools they need to improve personal health and wellbeing, delivering value to all organisational stakeholders!


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