Innovation Finance

We bring North East businesses with bright ideas seeking funding together with the innovation finance that’s right for them.

This could be help identifying and applying for grants or loans, accessing the Innovation SuperNetwork Grant programme, or securing innovation finance as equity investment through the Newcastle Angel Hub.

Whatever the path, we’re here to supercharge your funding journey!


Are you an innovative business seeking funding?

If you’re doing something different, are looking to expand, diversify or have the vision to take a ground-breaking product or service to market, we can help you secure the funding you need. There is a range of finance available to North East businesses, from grants to equity investment. We can help you make sense of what will work for you and meet the people who can help you succeed.

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Are you an Investor who wants to help ambitious businesses grow and innovate?

We work with some of the North East’s brightest businesses to help them secure finance to innovate and grow. We know that many Angel and private equity investors have the vision and drive to work with these ambitious and innovative companies. We’re here to help business and finance come together.

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Upcoming events

We have a range of workshops and webinars designed to help businesses looking to grow with innovation finance, no matter what stage of the journey you're at.
Case Study: Power Roll

Through our Innovation Finance programme, we were able to help contribute towards a total raise of £2.8m for Power Roll to commercialise its unique solar film and capacitor technologies.
Blog Post: Pitching to Investors in Four Steps

Our CEO, Estelle Blanks has shared her top tips for businesses looking to pitch to investors. Find out what they're all about!