Investment Readiness Scale

Investment Readiness Scale

We have developed our own Investment Readiness Scale: an invaluable guide to help businesses understand how close they are to being pitch ready, and what steps they need to take to ensure success.

How can we help you prepare your business to access finance?

The Innovation SuperNetwork team bring with them decades of experience in helping businesses access finance. Drawing on this knowledge and understanding of what investors are looking for, we have developed our own Investment Readiness Scale.

This scale is made up of a comprehensive nine-step Investment Readiness process, guiding businesses from idea formulation to the final investment pitch.

Taking a leaf from the engineering playbook, notably Technology Readiness Levels, which are widely recognized and used in technical and engineering fields. Our  Investment Readiness Scale takes this concept and applies it to business development, providing a structured and quantifiable measure of a business’s readiness for investment.

This approach allows us to

Facilitate communications with potential investors (who often already recognise the TRL framework).

Bring a high degree of rigor and clarity to the business development process.

Encourage entrepreneurs to assess their progress objectively.

Make sure businesses are accessing the right support and guidance for where they are in their journey.

Help businesses methodically and strategically prepare for investment.

Significantly improve the prospects of a business in the competitive investment landscape.

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