Integrating Sustainability – Developing into Organisational Strategy

13 December 2022

9:00am - 1:00pm

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Cluster Event

Thoughtworks, Newcastle

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Integrating Sustainability – Developing into Organisational Strategy

In this workshop, we will be looking at integrating sustainability into your organisational strategy, and we begin considering the homework from the 1st workshop and considering some case studies (if you haven’t attended the first workshop, we can still supply the homework in advance for consideration).

• In the first part of the day we will recap a little of the 1st workshop and discuss the homework and the risks and challenges this may have raised. We will then consider any themes that arise out of your work for your organisation to supply an “overarching” set of sustainability themes.

• After a coffee break, we discuss the practicalities of how to implement your findings into your organisational strategy and what buy in you may need from others in the organisation.

• We end by considering what are the most relevant next steps for you and your organisation and any ongoing support Dynamo can offer to get you there.

This is the second workshop of 2. Whilst they can be attended separately, they are designed to lead on from each other and you will gain the most from attending both

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