Investment ABCs for SMEs North of Tyne

12 September 2024

9:30am - 12:00pm

Event Type
Innovation SuperNetwork Event

The Common Room, Newcastle

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Investment ABCs for SMEs North of Tyne


This Demystifying Investment Jargon event will help founders adopt investor lingo so you can discuss your fundraising strategy and approach investors with confidence.


In this workshop, we’ll walk through common fundraising terms, unpacking increasingly important (and frankly, ridiculous) jargon. We’ll begin by providing a quick recap on types on investor and wrap up with a quick game of Buzzword Bingo to test who among us is investor (conversation) ready.

What will you learn?

We’ll cover specific terms around:

  • What an investor’s “investment thesis” is
  • Your target market
  • Discussing your financial model
  • Talking about your business bottom line
  • What is a CAP table and shareholder terms you need to know
  • Specific deal terminology
  • Legal documents
  • Bonus terms


9:30 – Arrival and networking with refreshments and pastries

9:50 – Event introduction, welcome & agenda

10:05 – Introduction – Recap of Types of Investor

10:20 – Workshop 1 includes:

  • Approaching an investor (Investment thesis, JV, SEIS/EIS, Ticket size, (pre) Series A/B, lead/syndicating investor)
  • Market terminology (CAGR, TAM/SAM/SOM, B2B/D2C/B2D2C…)
  • Financial model (ARR/MRR, churn and burn rates, Year-on-Year growth, and runway)
  • Business bottom line (Balance sheet, EBITDA)

10:50 – Coffee break

11:05 – Workshop 2 includes:

  • Shareholding (CAP table, ROI, dilution, pre/post money valuation, exit multiples)
  • Deal mechanisms (Convertible Loan Notes, SAFE notes, ASAs, tranches)
  • Legals (Term sheets, LOIs, MOUs and SHAs)

11:35 – Buzzword Bingo

11:50 – Networking

12:30 – Event End

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