Collaboration and Confidentiality

30 March 2023

10:00am - 12:00pm

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Innovation SuperNetwork Event


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Collaboration and Confidentiality

How to protect your ideas and Intellectual Property (IP) when collaborating with other organisations.

Collaborating with other organisations can be one of the best ways of getting your solutions to market. However, many business leads are understandably uncertain about how to engage other organisations and build partnerships without disclosing crucial information that you may want to use for your competitive advantage.

In this session we will cover how businesses can protect their ideas when engaging potential partners and clients. We will cover:

• Practical advice on how to engage potential stakeholders or partners effectively, without disclosing information you want to protect.

• Different ways of protecting your intellectual property through Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements, Intellectual Property Management and Registration.

• Ways in which you can exploit your IP to gain an advantage in your business and ways of making money from your IP through licensing and other routes to market.

We will also hear from a leading North East SME that has successfully collaborated with partners while protecting their IP, and give you the chance to discuss which approaches might work best for you with other business leaders in attendance.

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