Moving from Non-Racist to Anti-Racist
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Acevo and Voice4Change England released Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector in June this year. Home Truths is the final report in the year-long Making Diversity Count project.

The report frames the conversations around racism in the charity sector with an acknowledgment that racism is a significant and unresolved issue in the sector just as it is in the rest of society.

This report is part of wider awareness raising and activist work being done by many, including Charity So White and the Black Lives Matter movement. There is an increasing understanding of the distinction between being non-racist and becoming actively anti-racist.

VONNE and GLT Partners are hosting this event to provide a space for the North East VCSE sector to have these conversations. We acknowledge there are many who already work in this space and have done for a long time. This event seeks to add to this work, not distract from it.

If you are interested in what becoming anti-racist means for you and your organisation or in sharing your own experiences of doing this, please join us to develop that thinking. It will not give you easy answers - and; the conversation might feel uncomfortable in parts, but it will provide a safe space to begin the conversation with others.

If you would like to contact us before registering please email Anne Fry or Ngozi Lyn Cole