How to innovate through change and uncertainty
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With the pandemic situation unlikely to go away in the near future, many organisations are looking to not simply innovate in order to cope, but to take this as an opportunity to re think their service provision. This workshop will help organisations shape their 'new normal' in an innovative manner.

Join VONNE and innovation expert Michael Coates, MD of Protostar, for this free webinar.

We will cover:

  • Background to why innovation and change is likely to be the only option for many organisations.
  • How this could present opportunities if handled correctly.
  • How both innovative thinking and lean thinking can help drive required changes.
  • The need for a flexible and innovative business model.
  • Introduction to a tool called FMEA, which is a similar to a risk assessment. Essentially it helps you identify what could conceivably happen if you make a change, and then rate the level of impact and whether you currently have anything in place to mitigate it.
  • Basics of change management.
  • Identify what is stopping organisations from changing or being innovative and how might you overcome that.

We will then discuss next steps i.e how might you take some of the ideas presented during the workshop and utilise them.

We will also cover opportunities to receive 1-1 coaching to help get your innovative ideas off the ground.

This webinar is free to Small and Medium Enterprises working in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, and has been created to help support business innovation.