Beyond Lockdown: An employers’ guide to preparing to return to work
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Delivered by Alison Schreiber, Director of The HR Dept Durham and Jayne Hart, Director of The HR Dept Newcastle, this session will provide an overview of issues that employers may face in the return to work beyond lockdown.

We may not yet know what a return will look like but we can begin to plan for scenarios with and understanding about the people implications.

Alison and Jayne will explain what do you need to do as an employer to prepare for a return to work and what the issues could be short and longer term: short term working, redundancies, employee objection, picking up on pre existing issues, damaged morale, bereavements, childcare issues, H&S, motivation, wellbeing and more!

Lots of practical advice and tips on how to prepare for your people to return to work.

Please note this an ONLINE workshop.