Event staff wanted

We are looking to recruit casual event staff to work across the North East of England 

The North East LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan identified the need for increased innovation activity in the region to drive economic growth. There are a number of routes to achieving this and we are working with around 50 partners to increase awareness of innovation (and the support that is available), upskill management teams and raise funding for innovation projects.

As part of a region-wide innovation support programme, supported by the North East LEP, Innovate UK, North East BIC and with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), we have developed a number of events that target these areas. The events range from around 100 attendees through to VentureFest North East, which is expected to grow to 1,000 attendees in the coming years. See www.financecamp.co.uk and www.venturefestnortheast.com for some examples.

Whilst we have a highly skilled and experienced team in house, for larger events we need to bring in temporary staff for specific tasks. These are mainly to support the team on the day of events but may also involve work in the run-up to the larger events. We have a current panel of such staff in place but we wish to add further individuals to the panel to broaden the mix of skills available. The roles we may need to fill for any one event are:

Event Helper (£100 per day)
This role does not require extensive experience of event management as Event Helpers will be working as part of a wider team with our permanent staff. More important is your attitude, willingness to help and ability to deal with the pressures of a fast-moving event. 

Senior Event Helper (£150 per day)
This role requires some experience of event management. Senior Event Helpers will be asked to take responsibility for a specific area of an event and ensure that this area is running as planned. They will require both customer-facing skills and the ability to deal with issues as they arise, ensuring the seamless delivery of the event experience. 

Event Manager (£250 per day)
This role requires significant experience of event management. Event Managers will work as part of our team to ensure that our plans are turned into action. They will be expected to lead a team of Event Helpers and take responsibility for the running of a significant part of larger events. 

Specialist (£500 per day)
From time to time, there is a need to bring in specialists to run elements of our events. Given that our events focus on innovation and investment, Specialists will be expected to have experience and in-depth knowledge in these areas, combined with significant event management experience. Specialists are required to take on delivery of strands of events, e.g. through hosting sessions. 

It is anticipated that a number of individuals will be appointed to the casual staff panel in each of the above roles. As temporary staff needs are identified for particular events, the members of the panel with the best fit in terms of role, experience and capacity will be offered work accordingly. Please note that being on the panel does not guarantee any particular level of work.

We will keep the panel recruitment process open until we have the right mix of individuals in place. To apply for the roles, please submit your current CV, noting which role(s) you are applying for, to simon@venturefestnortheast.com.

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