Diving in to emerging tech

By Graeme Miller, Innovation Manager.

The Great Exhibition! Like me, I’m sure you have heard about it and have some idea of what’s going on but are you getting involved in any way?

A few weeks back I was asked to get involved and at the time I thought the exhibition was just for the general public and for schools. I’ve since found out that one of the core aims of the exhibition is to engage companies and encourage Northern businesses to innovate. That’s right, they want you to try new things, improve your business, develop new ideas and look at new markets.

The reason for all of this? Up North we have a strong tradition of innovation and we are very proud of what has been achieved over time. This history of innovation runs through our veins and we now need to look at the next generation of game changing ideas.

How can you get involved? There are a series of events over the coming weeks where you can find more about what’s coming at us (you will see an awful lot of the phrase “emerging tech”) as well as a number of business opportunities from partners that want your help. There will be a number of business challenges announced. That’s larger businesses telling you about the problems they need help with and how to engage with them.

The first event is on the 28th June and focusses on “Emerging Tech” in transport. We will hear from the likes of Nexus and the challenges they face as well as funded support for SMEs in the northeast to help develop their business. By the way – most, if not all the business events are free to attend.


What else is out there for businesses?

Are you a subject matter expert in one of the above areas? There may be some speaker slots available if you could add value to the discussion. Please contact graeme@supernetwork.org.uk

Are you a business with a challenge, or a business that is keen to innovate but not sure where to start? Again, please get in touch.

We hope to see you at some of the events.

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