If you’re a partner and have a challenge that you would like our network to help you solve, please submit your Innovation Challenge by emailing us.

Rural Mobility and Movement Solutions Challenge

We're on the lookout for solutions to enable the mobility and movement of visitors, workforce and residents in rural North East in sustainable and viable ways.
North East Energy Catalyst looking for global energy solutions

A series of three energy innovation challenges will be launched by the North East Energy Catalyst throughout 2020/21, aimed at supporting regional SMEs to bring forward commercial solutions, technologies, products or services in response to global energy challenges.
Digital Transformation of Customer Service Within BT Enterprise

BT Enterprise are looking for technologies, insights and best practices which are relevant to their digital transformation of Customer Service (includes from Buy, through Bill to Help & Repair) to drive up customer satisfaction, employee engagement and reduce cost.
What Happens When Carbon is Put Under Pressure?

Project Diamond - Help us accelerate our journey to net Zero Carbon

Tarmac is very fortunate to have a lot of employees who help them improve, however they also must ensure they are learning and working with the best companies bringing new thinking and innovation to their business, their supply chain and their customers.

Therefore, Tarmac are seeking innovative solutions, thought leaders and disruptors to accelerate their journey to achieving net Zero Carbon.