Innovation Challenge

We help you solve your business challenges with North East talent

All organisations come across problems they can’t fix from time to time. We help to overcome these challenges by using our network and connections to identify innovative technologies, talents and services of businesses in the North East of England.

By using Innovation Challenge big businesses can solve problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Smaller companies get the chance to work with leading regional businesses and potentially work in a new market or win a new contract.

It’s win-win for the region, helping the North East becoming more connected and collaborative as well as helping businesses here to innovate, grow and thrive.

What will I get from this?

Need a solution? You’ll have access to our 5,000+ network of North East businesses to help solve your problem. A dedicated Innovation Manager will be on-board throughout the whole process and, if needed, the Innovation SuperNetwork marketing team can help share your challenge to our channels to attract top talent.

Are you a problem solver? The Innovation Challenge platform is a live shop window of real market opportunities for businesses looking to build their client portfolio to get involved with.

Who is it for?

North East businesses of any size or sector who are looking to grow through innovation.

  • If you’ve got a problem that needs solving, our platform will connect you with the talent to help you.
  • If you’re bursting with bright ideas, then the challenges we host are real market opportunities that could help you shine.
How do I get involved?

If you’ve got a challenge that needs solving, join the Innovation SuperNetwork as a partner. Or explore live challenges, here.