Climate Action North

Climate Action North is run by Sharon Lashley, Jennifer Clair Robson and Julie Harrison. Collectively they’ve worked independently on a wide variety of climate change issues, each for over a decade, and decided to pool their knowledge and experience to take action and drive change.

Our projects for action on the climate crisis, climate emergency and the environment in the North of England include: Pollinator Parks, rewilding the North’s business parks, the Global Wilders project including environmental education, working with businesses through a dedicated Business Action Toolkit and litter picking and river clean ups through the new innovative WATAR (Wear and Tees Action for Rivers) project. Climate Action North work as a community interest and not for profit social enterprise, with a clear focus to inspire change in the context of the climate emergency.

They are a highly practical team and recognise that the time for talking is over, today we need to act.