Innovative solutions for working better in dynamic spaces


ENGIE wants to invent a new interdisciplinary, collaborative and inclusive ways of working as part of an ongoing project to completely rethink how the Group’s headquarters in La Défense are used. Known as “dynamic spaces”, the concept should:

  • make employees lives easier, and the lives of the people who use and visit the T1 Tower.
  • make office space fit to purpose,
  • make the most of digital solutions
  • help people adopt behaviours that will collectively improve collaboration and performance in a holistic sense, while inducing pride and a sense of belonging among employees.

The innovations they are seeking can be technical, digital or social for any or all of the three areas being covered: space/digital/behaviours.They must allow Engie to:

  • transform office space by considering foremost how it will be used,
  • share, take advantage of digital tools,
  • promote the behaviours associated with these changes in order to collectively perform and collaborate better. Proposals should suggest various ways of assessing how performance and collaboration improve.

Rewards and benefits:

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a T1 Tower pilot to confirm that their proposal is relevant prior to potentially being implemented and integrated into Novaldi, the performance contract offering currently being developed by the Group (an ENGIE services offering based on contracting on use-based performance).

Eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Match with the subject
  • Maturity of the project/solution
  • Ability to be launched rapidly
  • Ease of implementation and adoption by users
  • Feasibility/economic sustainability

Selection procedure and provisional timetable:

Deadline for submitting applications: May 15, 2017

  • Shortlisting of finalists
  • Finalists to pitch to selection committee members so they better understand shortlisted projects and to choose winners: mid-June 2017
  • Final with selection and announcement of the winners: end of June 2017

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