Innovative Solutions for Developing a B2B2C Communication Tool


ENGIE Cofely is looking for solutions to better communicate with its customers (local communities and governments, social housing, industries) and end users (tenants, etc.). The communication solution will be integrated into a more comprehensive approach to working with end users and saving energy. It should help demonstrate transparency, be able to incorporate end users’ reactions and desires, and bring together the multiple stakeholders involved in a B2B2C approach.

The digital tool we want must make it possible to have a dialogue between:

  • ENGIE Cofely and its clients (communities, governments, social housing, industries)
  • ENGIE Cofely and end users
  • End users and local communities and governments, social housing, and industries (ENGIE Cofely’s clients)

Functions the application needs to perform:  For communication between ENGIE Cofely and its clients, the application should allow our customers to do the following on the device of their choice:

  • Consult the status of their production or distribution facilities,
  • Consult their energy consumption figures and amount of power delivered to them as well as the energy mix involved,
  • Consult a map of their networks with the location of the delivery points and work in progress,
  • Read the latest news on networks and energy,
  • View a list of subscribers and their contracts,
  • View weather data,
  • Organize operational and informational meetings,
  • Contact ENGIE Cofely,
  • Communicate with their clients,
  • Share content: status of maintenance operations, etc.

At the same time, the application must allow end users to do the following via the device of their choice:

  • Consult the condition of their heating equipment
  • Consult a map of the heating network showing work in progress and potential new connection points,
  • Consult their consumption data for heat and hot water,
  • View how tariffs are changing, consult their invoices
  • Get the latest news about energy
  • Get weather data
  • Look at documents related to their contract: contract itself, subscriber’s manual, etc.
  • Ask for troubleshooting help
  • Raise awareness about environmentally friendly things they can do at home
  • Communicate with ENGIE Cofely or its client: social housing owner, local community, etc.

ENGIE Cofely is looking for a tool that enables all of these things.  However, bricks that can be integrated into another tool will be examined.

Rewards and benefits for the finalist and/or winning solutions:

  • Finalists will be given an opportunity to pitch their solution during ENGIE Innovation Week (June 12-16 2017) at a special event hosted by the MAME incubator with numerous representatives from local authorities and ENGIE, Cofely and MAME.
  • The possibility to test their prototypes on a large scale at our facilities.
  • Potential to have their solution included in our responses to tenders.

Deadline for response: 31/05/2017

How to apply:

If you are interested in this competition, please email the Innovation SuperNetwork team at or complete the form below so we can help you and guide you through the application process.

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