Delegate Tracking Challenge


The Innovation SuperNetwork are looking for innovative solutions to track and report on delegates attending the VentureFest North East conference.  VentureFest North East is an established annual conference which will be taking place at St James’ Park in Newcastle on 14 November 2017.  The conference attracts a cross business sector audience with over 700 people attending in 2016.

The conference will be spread over multiple conference rooms across two floors of the venue, with several activities running concurrently. The walls are primarily constructed of steel and concrete and access to wifi is available at the venue and could be used for the services if required.

The Challenge:

* To be able to record which delegates are in each event space at any specified time (e.g. which delegates were present in a specific one hour workshop session).

* To minimise disruption and impact on delegates, a contactless solution is required which associates delegate data with delegate badges or other device prior to or at registration on the day of the event, so that individual delegates are trackable through the event.

* The solution will be able to support import of delegate data from an external source (e.g. .csv file from the Eventbrite registration system or equivalent).

* The solution will report the delegate data in a usable format for analysis (e.g. numbers in a particular session, filtering by delegate type, providing an attendee list for a particular session). This data should be made available within 48 hours of event completion (or in real time if possible).

This market testing exercise is looking to gather information on all ideas and scenarios.

The contactless solution should include:

* Provision of all hardware and software required, including third party licenses if relevant;

* Provision of staff at events or training for Project staff, if required;

* Management of delegate data in line with current legislation and industry best practice;

* Investigate network provision to inform on site delivery and identify optimal system setup to mitigate any risk created by network. Test network on-site and liaise with venue network manager accordingly.


Market Testing Exercise:

This market testing exercise is looking to gather information on all ideas and scenarios.

The process will follow a three stages as detailed below:

1. Market Testing – are there any existing developed solutions to the chosen scenario. This is the current stage of the project and the purpose of this exercise.

2. A Pre-Commercial Procurement process will be undertaken to award funding/investment to one or more companies to develop innovative solutions to the chosen scenario.

3. Procurement Process – a separate procurement process could then be undertaken to purchase the developed solution.

Rewards and benefits: 

Successful applicants will be given an opportunity to participate in a unique, innovative project with support from the Innovation SuperNetwork and their extended networks. The package may also include:

* Development support to provide a tailored solution fit for market.

* An exhibition stand at VentureFest within the Innovation Showcase.

*  PR coverage from the VentureFest event.

* Potential future contracts for the next 3 VentureFest events.


How to apply:

If you are interested in this market testing exercise, please email the Innovation SuperNetwork team at or complete the form below so we can help you and guide you through the application process. The deadline date is 12 noon on Friday 28th April.

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