The Carents Room: Innovation Showcase 2022

Providing the recognition, information, and connections for 'Carents.'

One of our Social Enterprise finalists at this year’s North East Innovation Awards are The Carents Room, founded by Dr Jackie Gray, medical doctor and epidemiologist.

With over thirty years of front line NHS experience as a General Practitioner, Public Health Consultant and Clinical Lecturer, Jackie now works independently as an expert Public Health Consultant advising national and regional organisations how to plan and improve health and care services.

In 2020, Jackie decided to apply her expertise to fill the growing gap in support for midlife adults caring for elderly parents, a community she calls carents™.  There are an estimated 5 million carents in the UK, providing support worth around £139billion annually.

Jackie founded The Carents Room to provide the recognition, information, and connections carents need to organise the best possible care for their elderly parents.  The site has already been adopted by a mix of GP surgeries, organisations and individuals across the UK and US.

Ageing doesn’t need to be grey!

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