Newcastle-based smart hospitality robot company boosts visibility thanks to winning Innovation of the Year at VentureFest 2023.

SPARK EPoS aims to provide real-time data insights and management tools that increase revenue, maximise efficiency, and reduce labour costs for hospitality businesses. Their innovative technology includes a range of cloud-based EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) smart hospitality platforms, and physical products such as robot butlers and self-service kiosks.

Having won, Innovation of the Year at VentureFest 2023’s Innovation Showcase, SPARK EPoS has also gone on to pitch at Innovation SuperNetwork and British Business Banks ‘Innovating for the Future’ event. Both of these events helped SPARK EPoS present to key audiences and boost their profile across the North East

‘At SPARK EPoS, we’re grateful for the invaluable support from the Innovation SuperNetwork. As a tech company in the hospitality sector, being part of the innovation showcase and the VentureFest event significantly boosted our local exposure. Winning the Innovation of the Year award was a testament to our impact. Thanks to all who voted. Proud to be in the Northeast, we look forward to more activities with the Innovation SuperNetwork’

– Somin Tong, SPARK EPoS

Looking for Support

SPARK EPoS believe that local airports, train stations, and super malls stand to gain significant benefits from the integration of their service and hospitality robots. However, identifying the decision-makers in these sectors has proven challenging.

By working with Innovation SuperNetwork, they were able to connect with relevant decision-makers and stakeholders. Through being a part of VentureFest and other events with Innovation SuperNetwork, SPARK EPoS has been able to enhance their local visibility. This has opened the doors to them attracting investment opportunities, and now there are in their seed round of investment this has been significant to helping them reach their goals.


To date, SPARK EPoS continues to have a significant impact on the hospitality sector by enabling businesses improve profitability, enabling them to allocate resources more effectively, streamline their processes, and provide better services to their customers. Their butler bots, for example, allows staff to be supported during busy periods, helping them keep up with customer requests, whilst also providing guests with privacy. The integration of SPARK EPoS’S technology, AI-powered analytics, and robotics has compelled the industry to rethink its traditional approaches and adopt more innovative, technology-driven strategies.

SPARK EPoS’s impact also extends to promoting diversity within the industry. By embracing innovation, they are opening doors for inclusivity, through working with a diverse background of hospitality companies. This inclusivity not only fosters innovation but also encourages underrepresented groups to pursue career opportunities within hospitality.

As they look to the future, they are hoping to access further funding and investment opportunities to help continue expanding their innovative technology.


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