Investor-readiness workshops and connections made helped SeaPigs understand more about early stage investment, their positioning, and helped get their SeaPigs bottles to market.

Mick Armstrong, Head of the Herd at SeaPigs, who create sustainable beach and lifestyle products first joined our network in May 2019 through FinanceCamp, a one-day event which puts innovative businesses in front of investors and funders in a series of ten-minute one-to-one meetings. Mick explains how collaborating with the Innovation SuperNetwork helped their business grow:

We’d heard about FinanceCamp through the NatWest Entrepreneurs Accelerator Scheme and thought it might be a good opportunity in finding out what investors require from a business looking for angel or early stage investment.

The event and its programme of preparatory events helped us become investor-ready. It taught us a lot about pitching and what investors are looking for, specifically in a start-up like ourselves. Our FinanceCamp journey helped us realise that we needed to be trading before realistically gaining investment, so we pivoted and made a product that was easier to get to market than our flagship product. This has resulted in the launch of our new SeaPigs bottles which may not have happened if not for the advice we received.

FinanceCamp also introduced us to the Innovation SuperNetwork partners, including Newcastle University’s Arrow programme and CPI, both of whom we are now working with on the development of our flagship product; the SeaPigs Drifters. Without these connections, we would not be as far in this process as we currently are, they’ve been essential to our product development.

Working with the Innovation SuperNetwork made us think about our business from a different perspective, which led to us changing our strategy and as a result being more investor ready. We also heard about two new European funding streams which we wouldn’t have known about had we not attended FinanceCamp 2019. We will certainly be returning again!’

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