Innovative compassionate concierge service changing the way we care for elderly people within our community

MyFolks is a digital compassionate concierge service, connecting elderly people with people in the community who can support them right when they need it, offering companionship, household, and technological support. With support from Innovation SuperNetwork’s Ageing Acceleration programme, they were able to take their support from a concept to a fully developed app.

“It is no exaggeration to say that without the support of the Innovation Supernetwork, and their Ageing Accelerator that I joined in Newcastle in 2019, there would be no Myfolks today.”

Louise Thompson, CEO and Founder, MyFolks


Based down in Hampshire, MyFolks CEO and Founder Louise Thompson and her family found themselves in the impossible situation of providing care and support for their elderly parents back in the North East. Day to day tasks such as handling bills, providing company and handling domestic tasks were being managed from over 300 miles away, which was impacting Louise’s mental and physical health, as well as her career.

Previously working commercial and legal for blue-chip tech companies like EDS, BT, and SAP, Louise spotted an opportunity to step away from this area of work and work on a digital service to provide a network of localised, at home domestic support for those in a similar situation to herself – and MyFolks was born.

Looking for support

Knowing she wanted the support of the North East community for this project, Louise moved back to the North East to start up MyFolks. Having never ran a small business before, she turned to Innovation SuperNetwork to develop her skills.

Innovation SuperNetwork were able to provide the knowledge needed to take the initial idea for MyFolks and transform it into business. Through selection for the Ageing Accelerator programme, MyFolks were able to access the knowledge, unlock new ideas and find new opportunities to grow. This included introductory lessons on key business topics such as managing IP, using business canvas and where to seek tech and data support in the North East.

With funding the app being a big barrier to growth, Innovation SuperNetwork were able to build Louise’ credibility in front of investors through sessions which broken down investment journeys and jargon. With this support, the company was able to prepare a successful pitch deck and be confident when talking to investors and funders about business and its needs.

The community was a big part of why MyFolks was started in the North East. Working with Innovation SuperNetwork gave Louise access to a wider business community and access to several support networks. These communities provided them with extra external support from those who could best understand their start up journey – which they still work alongside today.


Pausing work on the project due to the pandemic, MyFolks finally launched in 2023 and is now ready to take their business to the next level. MyFolks is hoping to be UK wide by the end of 2024, and is now looking into expansion into the US, Canada and New Zealand.

MyFolks was also awarded Voice’s Choice Award in the Celebration of Innovation from the National Innovation Centre for Aging (NICA) ‘s Internet of Caring Things in 2023 and have worked closely with NICA to make sure they are doing the best work they can for elderly people and their families.

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