Creative agency brings AR solutions to Siemens Energy team.


MAADIGITAL, an immersive technology agency specialising in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and video, wanted to expand and develop their services to target commercial markets but needed assistance in accessing new opportunities. With 20 hours of support from the Innovation SuperNetwork they were able to secure various contracts including:

  • A contract with Siemens worth £50,000;
  • A new contract and partnership with Hexis Labs worth £15,000;
  • £4000 to develop a use case for the Siemens MEDA energy demonstrator challenge.


“Support from the Innovation SuperNetwork has helped us to commercialise our immersive tech offer. Without this help we wouldn’t have secured three major contracts, which in turn have increased our profile both regionally and in the AR/VR sector.”



Looking for support

With over 25 years’ experience in cutting edge technology, MAADIGITAL saw the potential to use their immersive tools in a host of sectors. They were keen to grow their pipeline of commercial opportunities but didn’t have the knowledge to move forward in this sector and came to the Innovation SuperNetwork for support in accessing new markets for innovation.

Support from Innovation SuperNetwork

Innovation SuperNetwork provided expert intervention via the VRTGO Cluster, developing an innovation plan, and helping MAADIGITAL understand what potential clients might want from them; including packaging their offerings to make the, often very technical, world of immersive technology more accessible to a wider client base.

We also facilitated introductions to Siemens and invited MAADIGITAL to attend two different challenges with the Siemens Energy team:

  • Using AR/VR to visualize data as part of a Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) project they had been developing with Keele University. The Innovation SuperNetwork framed the challenge and worked with MAADIGITAL to develop a response.
  • Using AR / VR to understand and visualise the national electric charge point infrastructure. Known as the MEDA Energy Demonstrator challenge, MAADIGITAL were offered funding to develop a use case for the data which may lead to future work in this area.

Simultaneously, ISN supported another SME, Hexis Labs, in securing a grant to deliver an immersive technology project. We then facilitated the relationship between Hexis and MAADIGITAL resulting in a contract to work together.

MAADIGITAL also showcased their offer through the VRTGO Cluster to an architectural audience (January 2019), and via the XR Showcase (June 2019).

What was the outcome?

  • Secured the SEND Challenge contract with Siemens, worth £50,000 in revenue to date, with a new phase starting in January 2021.
    • Offered £4,000 to develop a use case for the Siemens MEDA energy demonstrator challenge, with potential further work in this area.
    • Secured a new contract and new partnership with Hexis Labs, worth £15,000 in revenue.

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