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VR Tourism platform seeks support to access funding and development

Kerckhoffs Ltd Eyemmersive

Kerckhoffs Ltd  developed a new VR platform, Eyemmersive, a digital marketplace for immersive tourism and needed assistance with several aspects of their project, including access to funding, how to take their ideas forward and with developing their product. With support from the Innovation SuperNetwork, they were able to secure funding and assistance to develop and launch their new innovative product, Eyemmersive, to the global market.


“It was not just the grant support provided by SuperNetwork that we valued, but also the combination of expert guidance, mentoring, training, and connecting with the right people for our techno-business innovations. SuperNetwork made a lot of things easier with their support, so that we could focus on our core innovation business.”

Selva Ramachandran, CEO, Kerckhoffs Ltd


Looking for support

Kerckhoffs identified that many of the world’s population are unable to travel abroad for assorted reasons. They realised that there was a gap in the market for an immersive VR-based tourism platform where any person could be transported to anywhere in the world by using VR technology. They needed to raise funds to develop the initial ideas into a functioning product and assistance and support with development and launch, as well as general business and funding advice.

Support from Innovation SuperNetwork

As well as actively assisting with the application for grant funding, Innovation SuperNetwork provided training to Kerckhoffs in pitching and engaging with stakeholders, and general guidance and support in refining the business.

Innovation SuperNetwork also supported Kerckhoffs in connecting them with the right people. They were struggling to connect with the charity sector and ISN introduced them to the VONNE cluster who were able to assist them with building opportunities within the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in the North East.

Productive impact

With the funding and support provided, Kerckhoffs were able to launch their new digital product, Eyemmersive, a platform focusing on inclusivity for all in the tourism and allied sector.

The product is now even being rolled out in schools where pupils can have a live VR-tour, which is the first of its kind. Kerckhoffs believes that through this innovative service, pupils will have even more engagement while reducing expenses and logistical challenges for both the school and parents.

You can find out more about the product here here.

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