Global Teacher

Innovative tech company receives business support to launch platform making education accessible for all

Global Teacher

Sunderland based Global Teacher are on a mission to empower 1,000,000 marginalised people through access to information, and have developed a platform that would allow this to happen. They needed support in taking their ideas forward and accessing the right people and markets. With support from Innovation SuperNetwork they were able to launch the award-winning digital products to market.


“The Innovation SuperNetwork is a great pillar of support for startups and innovative companies like Global Teacher. We won the Social Innovation Award in 2021 and this was a great boost for the team to receive such recognition. In the early days, finance camp and presentation training sessions were great to help me on my entrepreneurial journey and for that to come full circle by winning an award it felt great to almost graduate from feeling so green and fresh to the start-up world when I first attended Finance Camp etc.”

Christopher Nutman, Founder and CEO, Global Teacher


Looking for support

Global Teacher identified that around 15% of the world’s adults are illiterate; there are many barriers to education including access to reading materials. Prior to launching this product, the only option to tackle this issue was the donation of second-hand books around the world, however, these would often be outdated. Global Teacher identified a gap in the market and developed a new product which involved the donation of digital education.

Global Teacher needed support to take this idea forward and bring this innovative solution to the market.

Support from Innovation SuperNetwork

Innovation SuperNetwork helped Global Teacher with pitch practice, exposure, and opportunities to talk to investors. Global Teacher attended various Innovation SuperNetwork events including Finance Camp and they even won the Social Innovation Award 2021 at Venturefest.

Productive impact

Global Teacher was able to launch their innovative product to market, making it possible for educators and content creators to expand their reach and donate their educational material through its digital platform. This material is then filed, organised, and displayed to schools in poor and marginalised communities around the world using the innovative 3D-printed solar-powered projector POD – which is manufactured in-house in Sunderland. The projector makes digital education accessible in rural parts of the developing world, without internet or mains power.

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