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Award-winning digital learning development company secure funding and support to launch their innovative new product

Discover eLearning Ltd, an award-winning digital learning solution development company, wanted to develop a platform that would measure the effectiveness of an organisation’s training and development programme whilst tracking learner capability, certainty, and confidence. They needed assistance in taking their ideas forward and with launching their solution. With support from the Innovation SuperNetwork, they were able to secure funding to develop and launch their new innovative product, Impact Focus, to the global market.


“The support of Innovation SuperNetwork was pivotal to us building our Impact Focus product and bringing it to market. As a small business, this is the first time we have explored the idea of grant funding, and their advice throughout the process kept us on target to achieve our ambitious goals. They guided us throughout the application process, and held regular catchup meetings with us during development, so we had consistent support throughout. Their advice helped us earn funding for our product, which was fantastic – but it’s the long-term relationship and guidance we continue to receive from Innovation Supernetwork that we value most.”

Chris Hodgson, Director, Discover eLearning Ltd


Looking for support

Having spoken to their existing clients, Discover eLearning became aware that standard e-learning courses often lose their intended impact quite quickly, and realised that there was a gap in the market to create a product that would help reinforce learner knowledge and provide greater insight data, so that organisations can easily identify areas of knowledge or confidence slippage and then interject with the right level of support at crucial moments creating a lasting impact.  Discover eLearning needed funding and support to take this idea forward and make productive steps to help bring this innovative solution to the market. After learning about the Grant Scheme through Innovation SuperNetwork’s free online seminar, Discover eLearning submitted their application containing their idea and business/development plan.

Support from Innovation SuperNetwork

Innovation SuperNetwork provided advice and guidance throughout the grant application process and the project, offering regular advisory meetings with the team and assistance with regulatory tasks.

The funding provided Discover eLearning with the ability to work with a professional development team meaning they were able to swiftly move from the MVP design and development stage to the launch of a beta tested and commercially-ready product in a matter of weeks.

Productive impact

With the funding and support provided, Discover eLearning were able to launch their new digital product, Impact Focus, a WordPress website plugin, which measures the effectiveness of an organisation’s training and development, whilst tracking learner capability, certainty, and confidence, to the market in October 2021. This has been designed to save L&D departments and training providers time and money to ensure that future training investment can target proven gaps in knowledge and confidence.

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