Case Studies

Take a look below at how our network, events and projects have helped North East businesses grow, whether through investment, significant connections or by using innovation to make an impact with their business.



The investor-readiness workshops as part of FinanceCamp as well as the connections made at the event helped SeaPigs understand more about early stage investment, their positioning, and helped get their SeaPigs bottles to market.



Find out how the FinanceCamp programme of events helped ParkingPerx to perfect their pitch and gain the confidence they needed to beat more than 10k applicants to get on BBC's Dragons' Den and deliver a successful pitch which resulted in £80,000 investment from Jenny Campbell.

Entrepreneurs of the North

After being selected as one of thirty businesses to meet investors as part of Entrepreneurs of the North, Nuchido received significant investment following their meetings at the event, leading to business growth, business exposure and being part of the Innovation Showcase at VentureFest North East.
Sherwood Power

Entrepreneurs of the North

Sherwood Power's innovation solutions in renewable energy storage led to them being selected as one of the businesses to pitch to investors in London as part of Entrepreneurs of the North. The training and connections they made at the event has led to great success for their business. Read more.
Mistura Informatics

VentureFest North East

Looking for support to develop and launch their Medicines Adherence Monitoring System back in 2019, Mistura Informatics turned to the Innovation SuperNetwork for advice.

Your Health and Care

Ageing Innovation Accelerator

Applying to be involved in the Ageing Innovation Accelerator Programme was the first step for Your Health and Care in forging what has proved to be a lasting relationship with the Innovation SuperNetwork team.

Dyman Advanced Materials

Access to Finance programme

The synthetic production company has successfully managed to raise £75,000 of investment thanks to their involvement in our Access to Finance programme where they pitched to investors.
Evince Technology

Access to Finance programme

After pitching to investors as part of our Access to Finance programme, the innovative electronic device manufacturing startup raised £750,000 of funding to help develop and drive their company further.
Dräger Case Study

Network collaboration

Dräger UK has secured a multimillion-pound PPE deal with the government thanks to the connections made through the Innovation SuperNetwork, who introduced them to the AHSN NENC and North East LEP to help them on their journey.
Ford & Amtech at the Northumbrian Water Festival

Network Collaboration

In 2019, the Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival hosted a design sprint featuring team members from the automotive company Ford. Thinking about how Northumbrian Water drivers used their cab as an office, the sprint looked specifically at how technology can support those drivers and their future work demands.
Tailored Thinking Product Launch

Innovation SuperNetwork Grant

Durham-based Tailored Thinking were able to launch two digital learning programmes aimed at helping equip organisations with the tools to bolster employee wellbeing and boost efficiency thanks to a £1.5K grant from the Innovation SuperNetwork.
SUB 10

Innovation SuperNetwork Grant

The Innovation SuperNetwork used its connections, intensive business support and access to finance programme to help digital learning platform, SUB 10 take its product to market, gain two major contracts and expand its team.

Pipeline Growth

Seeking support to access new markets for innovation, the Innovation SuperNetwork was able to provide intensive support to help the innovative tech company to develop their services for commercial markets through the VRTGO Cluster.
Power Roll

Access to Finance

Through our Access to Finance programme, we were able to help Power Roll hone their innovation plan, develop their proposition and articulate their business case. This intensive support contributed towards a total raise of £2.8m to commercialise its unique solar film and capacitor technologies.