Britishvolt Education Hub Innovation Series – What’s it all about?

Britishvolt, on track to build the UK’s first full-scale Gigaplant, is aiming to power future employment in the North East. Their education hub, located in Ashington, will serve as an up-skilling venue for potential employees, school children and other members of the local community. Opening early in 2022 and spread across 4 floors, the learning hub will deliver accredited education, highlight how people can transfer their existing skills into employment with Britishvolt, inspire the next generation of employees in the green energy sector and promote Britishvolt as a global employer, with a local community mindset.

Britishvolt are committed to working with local businesses. Collaborating with Dynamo North East and ourselves, we are looking to engage regional SMEs to fill the hub’s exhibition space with innovative, interactive installations to educate and inspire people, whilst having fun. Installation themes could include how a battery works, how we can change climate culture and mindset, attitudes and ‘go green’, legacy of transport and battery power. Virtual and augmented realities, interactive displays and projections are just a few of the potential installations and we’re keen to hear about other innovative ideas, especially if they can be supplied by local businesses.

Aims of the immersive technology projects

  • Provide examples of working in particular industries
  • Skills and careers choices
  • On-site walk through of the BV site/ mock-up Gigaplant
  • Batteries and EV’s
  • Industrial heritage of the locality
  • Climate change/ environmental activities
  • Give a ‘wow’ factor to ‘dead’ spots within the building
  • Interactive ‘corridor’
  • Any creative ideas appreciated!


We anticipate there being around 10-12 individual installations, each of which will be procured as a project. We will keep this page updated with new projects as they’re launched, detailing how you can get involved.

The first, related to 3D realisation is currently open for submissions, with the deadline extended to Tuesday 14 September. The installation might show show the inner workings of an electric car, a battery being built or anything else related to Britishvolt’s aims for the space (see above). You can submit your pitch here.

The second project is to utilise ‘the corridor’; a long walk-through space approximately 1.5m wide and 15m long. We’re keen to fill this space with something interactive that is triggered by visitor movement. Discussions have included telling the story of the history of power, the effects of climate change or even a walk through the factory, but we’d love to hear your unique ideas about what this space could become. In order to get your creative juices flowing we’d like to invite any suitable businesses to take a walk through the space in Ashington on 21st September. You can register your interest using this form and answering yes to ‘are you interested in viewing ‘the corridor’?’

Further projects will be announced soon including VR, AR and interactive displays, so we’re keen to hear from any regional businesses providing these services. However, we’d love to find something new! Even better, to support a local business to develop something new, perhaps even facilitate a collaboration between businesses. So if you have even the vaguest idea and you’re not sure how to make it work or know the right partner business to bring your idea to life, we’re really keen to hear from you! For any of the upcoming opportunities please register your interest using this form. We will keep you up to date with project launches and invite you to take part in any relevant workshops, pitch sessions or sight visits.

For further information, you can hear from Britishvolt’s Social Value Manager, Tracy Machnicki, by watching the project launch event here. Please do not contact Britishvolt directly with any queries or pitches, you can contact us at