Partner spotlight with Blu Sky Chartered Accountants’ Co-Founder and CFO, Jon Dudgeon

28 September 2022

Blu Sky Chartered Accountants are a friendly bunch of high-growth cloud accountants based in the North East, inspiring ambitious growing businesses across the UK. They pride themselves on their straight taking, fresh approach and claim they are more like a tech company than a traditional accountancy firm. This month we caught up with Jon Dudgeon, Co-Founder and CFO to discuss plans for the business, including it’s North East and national focus…

What does your business have planned in the next 12 months?

More of the same, we have plans to grow, evolve and get better at helping clients grow.  The foundations have been set over the last 14 years, to help the team navigate the uncertain and volatile times that every business faces these days. Our passion on building a strong team who behave and get what Blu Sky clients want and need will continue.  I am sure like every year before we will learn from a few mistakes and more importantly we will reflect on many more successes. There is certainly plenty to look forward to going into 2023 as our NE and national focus continues.

What are you professionally/ personally most proud of?

There are so many!! What really sticks out in my mind though is when I made the decision to leave my last role as an employee and start the journey of starting a partnership to build an accountancy practice, Blu Sky, from the ground up.  It was a massive and daunting decision at the time.  100% the right one though.

What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

Seeing and helping my team and my clients grow and support them to the best of my ability in whatever it is they have set out to do. 

Run us through your typical day?

I never have a typical day and that’s how I like it.  Having said that I do have a rhythm of working, most days I start at 6am with either a cycle, run or paddle board, with half an eye on what is in my diary for the day ahead with the team and clients.  Then we have breakfast as a family, the school run kicks in and then its into the office (wherever that is that day). I try to cut the day up into chunks of focus time, responding to email, face to face client and team time. Some days that happen more easily than others! Evenings vary, the kids have various clubs they go to, face to face business networking is back on the agenda and do like a few pints in the pub from time-to-time ?

How do you keep your team motivated?

Everyone has different motivations; I always take the time to talk and listen to everyone individually. As a business we spend time understanding personal engagement and fulfilment expectations as these are different for everyone.  Alongside this, Blu Sky operates a hybrid working model that is backed up with the tools and meeting rhythm to ensure everyone feels informed and valued day to day.  A good old fashioned thank you goes a long way to help us all feel appreciated, as does a quarterly party, and personalised CPD plans and objectives aligned to the business plans.

What is your background? How did you get into what you do?

I wouldn’t say I was born to be become an accountant, I have always wanted to run my own business and work with like minded people who respect each other’s talents. I guess that has been my vision, along the way I have grafted hard, shown ambition and hunger to learn and try new things, as well as been loyal, humble and adaptable with those I have had the privilege to work alongside whether a client or team mate.

If you’d like to find out more about our partner Blu Sky Chartered Accountants and the services they offer, visit their website here

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