BioFocus: Focusing on the vibrant and innovative Life Science sector in the North East

24 June 2019

Geoff Davison, CEO at Bionow Innovation

Focusing on the vibrant and innovative Life Science sector in the North East By Geoff Davison, CEO at Bionow

Innovation is intrinsic to Life Sciences. The sector continues to produce new therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and pharmaceutical products at an incredible rate, with the North East of England an emerging hotbed for innovative and exciting research. This was evident at the Bionow Awards last year with 9 outstanding applicants from the region, 3 of which walked away with one of the prestigious Awards. 
BioFocus is Bionow’s showcase conference in the North East and this year we build upon the ethos of the growing North East Life Science sector. The morning keynote will be given by innovation expert Professor Roy Sandbach. The keynote will be followed by a thought-provoking session on ‘Ageing – The Global Challenge’, which will present a range of perspectives on the subject including, how do we manage the challenges of Ageing, and examining an Ageing society from both a social and individual perspective. 

This year we are delighted to be working with the North East LEP and BioCity, who are sponsoring the conference. Both sponsors share Bionow’s vision and ambition for the North East to realise its potential in this dynamic and crucial part of the economy. 

The North East LEP continues to be behind a number of cutting-edge initiatives in the region and some of these will be discussed in a series of presentations on projects such as the Advanced Therapies Centre, CPI’s Smart Packaging and CPI’s recently opened National Healthcare Photonics Centre. 

The Northern Accelerator is an initiative and collaboration between the universities of Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland and is one of the most exciting and innovative projects of its kind. The project aims to increase the number of spin out companies from the region’s universities, and we have Lizzie Withington from Newcastle University and Tim Hammond from Durham leading a session showcasing Atelerix, AMLo Biosciences and PepMoTec. These are all exciting new companies, applying and commercialising scientific research from universities in the North East. 
There will also be the opportunity to hear from a selection of Bionow’s leading North East member companies during the industrial showcase session with presentations from Biotoolomics, Lightox and Williams Process/Accelyo. 

Finally, ‘What is the Future for the Northern Life Science Sector?’ Has this question got you thinking! We have gathered a group of influential people together for this thought-provoking panel session. An insightful and interesting session with plenty of interaction with the audience to wrap up the conference. 
Hopefully the above has given you a taster of what to expect for BioFocus2019. Join us on 10th July! There will be plenty of time for networking and we have exhibition opportunities available. I am certainly looking forward to it and I hope you are able to join us. 
Bionow is a not for profit organisation that supports the North of England’s Life Science sector, and it would be great to see you join us at this well-established Life Science Conference in the heart of Newcastle. 

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